Photovoltaic with net metering in a permanent Residence in South Crete (Construction in progress)

CRETA ENERGON, proceeded to the installation of photovoltaics with energy compensation, in a permanent residence in South Crete.

The photovoltaic panels used are Luxor monocrystalline with half-cells (half-cells) and offer high durability, small losses and long life.

The Fronius inverter, which was installed, is highly efficient and manufactured in Austria.

With the energy offset, the owner was largely relieved of future uncontrollable electricity increases, greatly reduced the cost of electricity bills, while leaving his own green mark.

Our office fully undertakes the entire process for your photovoltaic. From the study, licensing, supply of equipment, installation and connection to the public network. We deliver the photovoltaic to its owner, functional and interconnected and with a guarantee of good operation.


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