About us


Creta Energon is a Greek energy company made up of young engineers and active in the field of design and construction of electromechanical projects, in the installation and maintenance of Photovoltaic plants as well as other engineering services.

It is equipped with all modern machinery and the necessary know-how and always operates with the aim of saving energy and minimizing operating costs by combining branded and reliable materials and in combination with the appropriate qualified technical staff, the best possible result is always achieved.

The company offers complete solutions:

  • Study - Supervision of Electromechanical Installations
  • Study - Supervision of Energy Applications
  • Energy upgrading of buildings
  • Sale and installation of heating - air conditioning systems
  • Sale and installation of photovoltaic systems


The company operates throughout Crete, located in two central locations in the prefecture of Heraklion, in Moires and in the E.O of Heraklion - Moires as well as in Rethymno, while it has also developed a network of partners capable of responding to any area.