The most efficient and sustainable way of heating that respects the environment (and your pocket) is here.

Posted on: 04/29/22


The modern conditions for energy, combined with the trend for a more ecological and "thinking" lifestyle, lead us to think about alternative ways of heating and saving. Heat pumps are the new answer to this conundrum. With multiple possibilities, they provide solutions to issues such as economical consumption, efficient heating and more. At the same time, they protect the environment better than any other modern, known means of heating.



In two words, heat pumps are a heating system, with a wide range of applications that covers the requirements and particularities of every home, while at the same time being environmentally friendly. Their operation is based on the technology that allows the transfer of energy from a low temperature space to a higher temperature space. It is a technology based on the same principles as the mechanism of refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. called the cooling cycle. The outside air passes through the heat pump, acquires the desired temperature and is channeled into the interior of the house, for central heating and water heating.


Heat pumps can be installed in any type of house easily, quickly and most importantly... over the existing heating pipes. They replace the oil or natural gas boiler requiring minimal installation space, similar in size to an outdoor air conditioner unit. Their operation can also be combined with a photovoltaic system, to reduce heating costs to zero.

In addition to the ease of installation, you win on three additional levels: performance, economy and the environment wins too! Heat pumps are used equally for heating and cooling. They are so efficient that they increase the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heating costs by 65% compared to conventional fuels. The house saves up to 80% energy! In financial terms, this translates to a 52% gain for you if you replace natural gas with a heat pump and a 55% gain by replacing the oil burner.

The refrigerant used by heat pumps is environmentally friendly. So carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are reduced and it's like planting 45 trees if you switch from natural gas to pump or 84 trees by switching from oil to pump. At the same time, they have a silent operation.

They are the ideal solution if you want to renovate your home or replace your old boiler.

The CRETA ENERGON team offers complete solutions and personalized proposals for the type of pump that suits your home, as well as the expected economic, energy and environmental benefits.