The autonomous electricity production system ensures energy production in places where there is no connection to the grid, the connection is difficult or even expensive.

But what are autonomous photovoltaic systems?

Autonomous systems are those that harness the sun and store it in order to provide energy.

With autonomous photovoltaics you are independent of electricity providers, making it a reliable option.

The system dimensioning we undertake meets your daily individual needs, making it a profitable investment with a short payback period.

How a standalone works.

Photovoltaics take advantage of the abundant available solar energy.

The panels convert this energy into electricity (current).

The generated current is led to the batteries with the help of the charge regulator.

Due to the fact that the current is continuous and our devices work with alternating current, the inverter (converter) undertakes to supply our installation with the available energy from the batteries.

What does a standalone offer?

· We do not receive bills from electricity providers.

· We don't have the fear of any power outages.

· Ability to control consumption and control available electricity.

· Protection of the environment and the atmosphere.

Calculation of the system.

The calculation of the system is a process that must cover the consumption we request.

For the correct calculation we should know:

· The power of each device.

· The operating time of the system (summer, winter, all year)

· The frequency of use of each device.

· The time of daily operation.


CRETA ENERGON with several years in the field of energy is able to propose an advantageous and efficient proposal through a team with experience, continuous training, vision and passion which guarantees the reliable study, supply of required material and its correct placement by the our technical team.


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