Everything you need to know about the new program Saving - Autonomous

Posted on: 08/25/20

Simpler and extended to include more beneficiaries is the new Save - Autonomy program for which applications will start from November 2 and on different dates depending on the region.

The new Saving - Autonomous, as is the title of the new program that replaces the famous Saving at home aims to upgrade homes by at least 3 energy categories. It increases the basic grant percentages, which together with the premiums can reach 85% while a natural person can submit more applications. The maximum eligible budget is 50 thousand euros per house or 100 thousand euros per VAT of the beneficiary.

The innovations of the program include the new eligible interventions for energy autonomy, smart home systems, while for the first time interventions are subsidized in apartment building elevators.

As for the application process, it remains the same as in the previous programs, ie the energy inspector will propose the requested interventions and the applications will be submitted electronically through the program platform.

The new program is expected to mobilize the market for investment in building infrastructure and support the construction industry with more than 3.4 billion euros increase in employee income by 2030. It is expected to create over the next decade more than 22 thousand new jobs and create added value in the building stock of the country over 8 billion euros in the same period. It will also, among other things, reduce energy consumption by about 9.7% while helping to tackle energy poverty, enhance energy security and stimulate competition between electricity suppliers.



The total budget of the program is 850 million euros for 2020 and is expected to increase to over 1 billion euros in 2021. Applications will start in November on different dates for each region. The beginning will take place on November 2 with the regions of Crete, North Aegean and South Aegean. Applications for central Macedonia will be made on November 11 and for Attica on November 23. There will be a separate budget for the apartment buildings and the submission of applications will start in December.

Who is entitled

Only natural persons who have a real right to an eligible residence have the right to participate in the Program. The grant of the Program will be given based on the income criteria of the tax year 2019. 

Eligible houses are detached houses, apartment buildings or individual apartments that meet 4 conditions: 

-They are used as the main residence -They exist legally.
-They have been classified based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) that has been issued after 26.11.2017 in a category lower than or equal to G.
-They have not been judged to be demolishable.


Which interventions are subsidized

Through the program, a total of 8 different interventions are subsidized, namely:


1. Replacement of frames
2. Installation / replacement of shell thermal cover
3. Upgrading of heating - cooling system
4. Hot Water System using RES
5. Energy autonomy interventions (RES power generation systems (installation of photovoltaic net metering systems and energy storage systems)
6. Charging infrastructures for electric vehicles
7. Smart home interventions: smart lighting, intelligent cooling heating system management, remote control (leak sensors, humidity, etc.)
8. Shared interventions for apartment buildings (inverter installation in elevators, upgrade of lighting system with intelligent management system


The maximum eligible intervention budget per application can not exceed € 50,000, including VAT. or 100,000 euros per VAT of the Beneficiary.

Maximum eligible budget for energy saving interventions is 1.2 euros per saved KWh

The maximum eligible budget for communal interventions in apartment buildings reaches € 80,000.

It is noted that the fee of the energy inspector, the project consultant as well as the cost of any studies are covered. In case of bank lending through the program the loan is interest free.